It is time to upgrade to faster and more reliable fiber internet!

Due to the ongoing cost of operating the existing, aging cable modem system, the Town of Mountain Village Broadband Department will be terminating the current internet cable modem service within the next year.

All Town of Mountain Village broadband customers will NEED to update to faster and more reliable fiber Internet within the next year to continue service.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the current internet cable modem service and the new fiber internet service?

The cable modem service operates using electricity and is heavily impacted by power surges and outages, speeds diminish the farther the signal has to travel, plus everyone in the same area is sharing bandwidth from the same line meaning that during peak usage hours the signal is reduced further. The fiber modem service uses strands of glass to transmit data using light pulses instead of electricity producing a more steady reliable signal. In addition, TMV’s fiber network is more segmented providing better service during peak usage. Also with fiber you will have symmetrical upload speeds that are important if you stream or work from home, and no matter how many people are on the network at the same time the signal is not reduced.

Why is the Town eliminating the old internet cable modem services?

The Town of Mountain Village is upgrading its internet infrastructure from cable service to a fiber service. The Town has appropriated the necessary funds to upgrade its broadband infrastructure to deliver 1-gigabit internet to Mountain Village over several years.  Fiber cables are the only thing that can support the demand for higher speeds as well as the distance within networks. 

When will the Town discontinue internet cable modem services?

Over the course of several years, every house, condominium, townhouse, hotel and business will have the option to upgrade to a fiber connection. The Town of Mountain Village will begin discontinuing internet cable modem services in some areas starting in 2023.

What happens to the old cable modem internet service?

As internet boxes (ONTs) are deployed at the property, the cable modem internet service is removed. TV services will connect into the new internet box and remain active. 

What kind of fiber network is the Town of Mountain Village constructing?

Gigabyte Passive Optical Network (GPON) with the ability to upgrade to 10G GPON.

What if I don’t want to install fiber to my home?

Once fiber has been completely installed in your area, the Town will discontinue all legacy cable modem services running over the old network. In order for these services to work, you must be on fiber.

What can I do to prepare for fast internet?

Register your address on this website. The Town will reach out regarding what your premises requires to get onto the fiber network.

What does it mean if my property is Fiber Ready?

Once the conduit and fiber have been successfully installed to the side of your premises, the next step is to install fiber into the building. It’s the owner’s responsibility to provide clean access into your premises. If you are unsure what to do, please contact an AV, IT, or wiring company to do this work. Once this work is done, TMV will install fiber to your internet access device (wireless router).

What does it mean if my property is in Drop Construction?

We’ve identified your property as requiring ground construction from the road to your premises. The Town has awarded Castro Construction to do this work. Castro Construction will provide scope of work pricing. This work also includes installing fiber inside the conduit to your property. You, as the owner, have the option of agreeing to the scheduled work with the Town’s recommended contractor. If you do not want to invest in your necessary fiber infrastructure, please be aware that your cable modem internet service will be turned off in the future. Owners can also choose to provide their own conduit from pedestal to the house. Please contact TMV so that we can show you were to run the conduit as well as what kind of conduit. TMV does not have spare conduit.

What does it mean if my property is an MDU?

As an owner of a multi-dwelling unit we ask that you speak with your HOA, in addition to our team, when starting the process of having fiber installed. Many HOAs have been upgrading their internal wiring enabling high speed internet connectivity. As you are one owner among several owners we will need to make sure everyone is involved in the conversation to get your building and individual unit onto the fiber network.

What does it mean if my property is in the Mountain Village Service Area?

The property you own has never had service with Mountain Village Broadband. We will need to inspect your property to determine what you will need to do to qualify for an installation.

What does it mean if my property is not in Mountain Village, CO?

We only serve the community of Mountain Village, CO, Elk Run, and West Meadows. If you are not located in these areas we cannot provide service for your property.

What does it mean if my property has already had Fiber installed?

You have already completed the fiber installation process and are receiving services. There is no need to register in CrowdFiber.